Wine Enthusiast reviews 2014 Lutum Wines from the Sonoma Coast

as reviewed by Virginie Boone, Wine Enthusiast, contributing editor

Lutum 2014 Gap’s Crown Vineyard Chardonnay – 93 points – Editor’s Choice

“Crisp green apple is the star in this well-made, balanced and elegant wine, that’s tangy yet smooth, with a voluptuous tease of anise. Approachably structured, the complexity of the texture and lurking layers of further flavor suggest letting this wine open slowly to unveil its true self, and allowing it to linger on the palate.”

Lutum 2014 Durell Vineyard Pinot Noir  Р92 points 

“Winemaker Gavin Chanin’s co-effort with Durell owner Bill Price aims to show vibrancy and freshness of fruit and succeeds on both counts in this light-bodied, complex wine. Clove, rich, dark cherry and bright acidity combine for a fresh take on a typically voluptuous vineyard, finding the layers of rocky minerality that lie beneath.”

Lutum 2014 Durell Vineyard Chardonnay – 92 points

“This wine smacks you in the face first thing, demanding attention, before settling into mouthwateringly succulent layers of Asian pear, graham cracker and Nilla wafer. An underbelly of oak supports the fruit, remaining subtle and providing structure. The acidity shines most on the finish, inviting further exploration.”

Lutum 2014 Gap’s Crown Vineyard Pinot Noir – 91 points

“This is a hearty version of the variety for this producer, known for its oft-lighter approach. It reveals skill as well, the grapes from another prime site overseen by brand partner Bill Price. A feral shock of mushroom dominates on the nose before punchy tannins and a medium-body distract slightly in contoured texture, only barely letting in crisp flavors of orange peel and dark cherry.”