The Underground Wine Letter’s John Tilson applauds the 2014 Lutum Wines

John Tilson of The Underground Wine Letter has this to say about the 2014 vintage of Lutum wines!…

“The year  2014 was yet another drought year. The 2014 wines from Chanin and Lutum are a great success and reflect the vintage. As compared with earlier vintages, they are true to form and beautifully balanced with great purity and lots of finesse. The wines are made with the Lutum wines de-stemmed and the Chanin wines made using whole cluster fermentation. In the case of wines made from the same vineyards, the grapes are sourced from different parts of the vineyard for each wine. Having said that, the differences between the wines are very subtle and all are a pleasure to drink with lots of early appeal yet with ability to age into the future. A great idea would be to select a few and do your own tasting /dinner with a group of friends and then buy some to lay away for the future. Over time, the wines will change and develop secondary characteristics and more body.   Enjoy some now and more later. That is a win/win!”

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