Forbes Features our First Vintage of LUTUM!

We’re honored to have our first vintage of LUTUM featured in Richard Nalley’s “Your Weekly Treat” article on

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The first two wines, a 2011 Pinot Noir from Durell ($60), and a 2011 Pinot from La Rinconada Vineyard ($50) in the Santa Rita Hills are a fine how-do-you-do. There is a family resemblance in that both are graceful and highly-perfumed—and both big crowd pleasers at my dinner table—but they are distinctly different, too. The Durell is the meatier of the wines, high-end “New World-style” with a full-bodied, filled-in profile typical of Sonoma Valley and neighboring Russian River; big but lively and nuanced. The La Rinconada is another textural animal, a Burgundy ringer whose aromatic and flavor intensity belies its light color and almost delicate seeming medium body. Chanin has spent most of his career working with Santa Barbara fruit, and his skill is most fully on display in this lovely, pure, ethereal wine.